Sunday, April 20, 2014

NEW HAUL! (Magazines, Car Stuff, Beach Essentials)

Hey everyone!

I’ve got a new haul to share—and this time, without any makeup products! CLICK THE VIDEO TO WATCH THE LIVE VERSION (above)


I picked up a few stuff which I think were *haul-worthy*

First—magazines. Lately I’ve been addicted to BOOKSALE and finding stuff I can read. I picked up 3 magazines!


This is an old issue of OK! Magazine, and I got it for only 10.00php! Why I bought it? Well, one, the Kardashians are on the cover and I love them. And two, it’s only 10.00php! And lastly, I haven’t read this issue yet. I am so sad that OK! has been discontinued. Boohoo… Definitely one of my all time favorite!


Next, I got (2) Real Living magazines, one an old issue and the other the latest (pink) I am just into interior designing nowadays, and I want to learn more about it! Different types of rugs, panels…etc! It seems so interesting to me!


I’ve been contemplating whether I should buy the car vacuum from Concorde for 700.00ph, while I am assured of the quality, I wanted to give this cheaper version a try first. This pink portable vacuum was only 250.00php! AND IT WORKS! We’ll see how long it lasts…


YUP, As Seen On TV! The Grid It organizer! Seemed interested until it didn’t fit my car sun shade (lol is that what it’s called?!) 128.00php down the drain…although I can find another use for this.


Beach season is in!!!! I want to give this baby a try. The “waterproof” bag. We’ll see! 45.00php only!


WHO HASN’T SEEN A MONOPOD? RIGHT?!!!! I love mine coz it’s pink and it’s loooong!!! This is perffffect for outings and getaways! Smile That scenic background will surely be in frame, now!


NOW ONLY 500.00 (50% OFF) IF YOU USE THE CODE “SAY”. Order here:


Where to buy:

Magazines - BookSale SM Manila
Car Vacuum Cleaner 250.00 Wellmanson's Quiapo
Grid It Organizer 128.00 Wellmanson's Quiapo
Waterproof Case 45.00 Wellmanson's Quiapo
Monopod 500.00 USE CODE "SAY" to get 50% OFF



  1. Hala 10.00 lang? Ang mura ng Mag. sa filbars

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