Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How To Spot Clean Makeup Brushes?

spot clean.Still007

Hi everyone!

Sharing a new video on how I spot clean my makeup brushes!

Watch the video here -

You’re going to need:


-makeup brush cleaner

-dirty brushes

This post/video will also serve as a mini review of the ELLANA MINERALS CUCUMBER AND MELON MAKEUP BRUSH CLEANER!

I love this product so much because….

  1. it absolutely works! It instantly melts away all the pigments from the bristles of the brush, leaving the brushes clean!
  2. it’s formula is FAST DRYING! You won’t have to wait for hours for your brushes to dry up! It can be used right away after spot cleaning
  3. the scent is awesome! I love the combination of cucumber and melon!
  4. the cleaner leaves my brushes super soft, and that’s because of the tea tree extracts!
  5. At 400.00php per bottle, it’s not so bad!

YOU GUYS can get it at 15% OFF from this link! Making it PHP340.00 only!

Here’s a before and after:

spot clean.Still003spot clean.Still005

That’s how I spot-clean guys! Enjoy the video! :)

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  1. Ang galing nawala agad yung stain. Di mo na kailangan labhan yung brush. may solusyon na! :) Nice <3