Saturday, June 28, 2014

Korean Food Overload (June 21 VLOG)

Mark took me to this Korean restaurant near his college in Dasmariñas called Juol Kyeo Chat Gi and we experienced AUTHENTIC KOREAN GOODNESS!!! Emphasis on the word ‘authentic’ too!

korean vlog

I have been a long time fan of Korean food and this was the day I experienced it in its glory. When I first entered the restaurant, the owner, whose name we later found out was Sara Kim, talked to me in Korean thinking I was a Korean!!! How cute is that?! Hahaha :)


We ordered bestsellers like this BIBIMBAP right here!!! I expected meat to be in it, but it didn’t have any! It was all seaweed and a mix of veggies!


Guess who mixed it for me? Sara Kim! She told us to put in more sauce! Ahhh you’ll hear in the vlog how cute she was!


That plate in the middle of the table = ricecakes mixed with odeng (fish cakes) Oh gosh, the goodness of all these food!


This is what the bibimbap looked like after mixing! YUMMY!


Mark also ordered CHEESE RAMEON which was OUT OF THIS WORLD, I swear. It was amazing.


We took a photo with Sara Kim, of course! Hehe. One of the BEST KOREAN PLACES I’ve dined in! We also had ice cream afterwards!

Watch this vlog to see all the action and yumminess! ENJOY!


  1. huhu the bibimbap looks so yummy! :( :( nakakagutom tuloy!

  2. Ms. Sara Kim is so adorable!

    I hope you'll have a workshop here in Pampanga :)
    Then I will show you around the metro and visit the Korean Town :)

    There you'll find the most authentic and affordable Korean Foods. :)
    Oh Btw! I love bibimbap too! :) Yum!

  3. where is this exactly located?! i want to bring my family here! :3

  4. Im in Dasmariñas most of the time and I never knew about Juol Kyeo Chat Gi until I saw ur vlog on YouTube and this blog as well. Sobrang yummy ng food, nasa menu pa lang nakakagutom na! Might as well give it a try! :)