Monday, June 30, 2014

NO MAKEUP & PROUD! - NEW: Skin Care Routine *First Impression*

Hey everyone! I’m back from a long, tiring day of non-stop filming for my channel and couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post about my NEWEST skin care routine + my first impressions about it! So here I am! Get ready to find out all the juicy details about this routine!

Do you remember the day I posted this photo on Instagram? This was taken on June 05, 2014. A day after my first treatment using the Galvanic Spa II (June 04, 2014). Also, by ‘treatment’ I meant AT HOME, believe it or not! 10386852_772006992830815_5159043246589757864_n



This device is basically a “wrinkle iron” for people ages:

  • 40 y/o and above – this device can improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in as little as 10 minutes (1 treatment) Don’t believe it? Perhaps Nicole Kidman’s testimonial would make you!
  • 20-30 yrs old – people my age, this devise will dramatically improve your skin quality! It definitely did do just that on my skin! It actually makes your skin more susceptible to the ingredients of the products that you use. So whatever good ingredients present in your products, it magnifies that, and if it has bad ingredients, it magnifies that also.

There are two steps to use the galvanic spa:


(1) The white gel- the galvanic spa binds all the excess dirt that is cannot be washed away by regular face wash.

(2) The blue gel- the galvanic spa takes away the dirt all together.

In the three step skin care regimen: Cleanse- Tone- Moisturize, you use the galvanic spa AFTER cleansing, BEFORE toning. You do it max twice a week, with two days interval. The whole treatment lasts for 10 minutes only!

I did a VIDEO on how I use this product, so stay tuned for that!
Let me first show you the steps I take with my new skin care routine.

These are the products involved, what they do, and my first impressions on each:


  • NuSkin Pure Cleansing Gel (Combination to Oily Skin)—P1,100.00; contains papaya enzyme to free pores of oil, dead cells, and makeup. Clearing the way for clean, refined, healthier looking skin.

This cleanser lathers really well on the skin and I actually noticed how brighter my skin looks after washing my face! I also love the smell of this product.


After cleansing, I INSERT the use of my Galvanic Spa II (P21,500.00). Using the Pre-treatment Gel first, then move on to the Treatment Gel.


After using the Galvanic Treatment Gel + rinsing off excess gel with water.

We move on to toning!

  • NuSkin pH Balance Mattefying Toner (Combination to Oily Skin)—P1,050.00; contains strawberry extract rich in polyphenols to tighten and refine pores. Oil absorbing mineral powder provides an instant matte finish and controls shine.

I like that this toner DOESN’T STING AT ALL. It definitely left my skin matte and soft. I think this is should be a staple in every girl’s skincare routine (those with combo-oily skin type!)

  • NuSkin Enhancer Skin Conditioning Gel—P1,130.00; with conditional panthenol & soothing aloe vera, Enhancer soothes the skin and prevents moisture loss *acts as a moisturizer

Oh the ever so cooling moisturizer! This actually looks like pure aloe vera. It’s super cooling on the face! I did feel a bit of stinging on the area above my lips, but it subsided after a few hours. This is great for bringing back moisture to the face.

  • NuSkin Celltrex Ultra Recovery Fluid—P2,800.00; “health insurance for your skin”, with olive oil polyphenols protects at the cellular level to keep skin looking supple and firm

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITEEE!!! I don’t know why I never knew of this product until now. This is expensive FOR A REASON. It gives you the benefits that you paid for! Health Insurance for your skin, indeed! I let this fluid soak up my skin and retired to bed.

THE MORNING AFTER… I think this is the part where you see most of the IMMEDIATE results.


I literally took these photos the moment I woke up (and tied my hair):


Do you see how clear my skin got?

Look how supple it is! If only you could touch my face, you would know how soft it is, as well!

If you notice the little pimple/wound on my forehead, it healed (compared to the first photo shown-photo after cleansing the face)

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m going to stick to this regimen for as long as I can. ESPECIALLY because I am all about makeup. And as we all know makeup makes the skin dull (after a long time use; WITHOUT a proper skincare routine)

I’ll be back after a few more weeks to update you guys about my progress!


We will personally confirm your orders via text/call.

*Beware of scammers, there are a lot out there! Get these products from trusted sellers (Makeup by Say)

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!


  1. Hi
    Im currently in Oman n im so interested bout NU Skin. Do u deliver internationally? Tnx

    1. Hi Amethyst! Kindly email me at so we can talk about it :)

  2. Wow ate. Your skin looks perfect. Sana makatry ako nito. Okay naman skin ko nung high school but ever since nakatapak ako sa college, dun na ako nagbreakout ng bongga. Maalikabok kasi ang school ko plus sleepless nights because of acads. Tapos nagka hormonal imbalance rin ako. Irreg yung menstruation ko. Pero ngayon, medyo okay naman kaso visible pa rin ang acne marks. But prang ang ganda nito ate. Anyways, ganda talag ng skin mo ate hehehe. :)

  3. Your face is so flawless!! Kainsecure. Hehe. Is this okay for sensitive face?

  4. Woah. I have never seen (or used) products that have lightning-fast effects like yours do. It was so amazing. I know I had to read this particular blog entry over and over again just because I am so fascinated. I would have to save up though, as the products are too pricey, but boy, I know it will be totally worth it. Thanks Say for sharing! :)

  5. O_O and your skin is not that oily after waking up! i hope ican get the same results with organic prods :/

  6. I remembered your problem about acne breakouts before Say, and you don't know what products to use and not to use. I also remembered you trying PROACTIV skin care & different kinds of prods but it didn't turned out good. I'm so glad you found what products to use for your skin type, flawless skin is a great investment for a Youtube Guru like you! You improved a lot and also your skin. You can afford all of those, Inggit much :) Pricey for students like me but I know it's worth buying for. Great review though! Love lots <3

  7. Wow, i'm gonna tell this to my mom .. perfect for her !! :) thanks for sharing ate say .. please to an outfit advice vlog naman po for the chubby ones .. :) thanks and more power ate :)

  8. I'm having hormonal acne lately, maybe because of stress and my lifestyle. haha. And I really really want to try this system., but it's a bit expensive for a housewife like me. Sometimes beauty can be really expensive.

  9. Wow those products looks promising! I need to save up to get my hands on those products hehe Yor skin looked amazing btw, blooming :D Keep us posted on the results after a few weeks ha? Thank you!

  10. Aaaah! You're skin looks amazing! Looks like that's really "hiyang" on you. :)

  11. Worth it ung price. And your skin looks more great. But even ur not using that your still pretty as its seems.
    Very natural and good looking^^

  12. Wow! is this what Issa from Vera was promoting? Looks great!!

  13. Grabeh.. bibili talaga ako nito, last year pa na introduce sken to ng friend ko, kaso wala pang budgdet!.. thank you Ms. Say sa reviews!

  14. wow ang kinis na. huhuhu, ganda na ng skin mo ms.say grabe looks good on you! Okay pala toh. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Lalong gumanda ang skin ko ms.say!!! Naging baby face sya lalo. Inggit ako sa galvanic spa mo. I need to save money just get one for me. Gusto ko ng ganyan. Less surgical or less hassle, nasa house ka lang pwede ng gumanda ang skin mo using that product. Keep it up! Update mo kami later on what the effects on ur skin.

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