Thursday, June 26, 2014

What To Buy for the “Girlie Girl” Who Has Everything

I know that men are infamously difficult to buy for, giving us girls a real headache when it comes to birthdays, Christmas and those little surprise gifts which mean so much, but have you ever stopped to think for a moment about when the tables are turned? Okay, so many women don’t know the difference between a socket set and a torque wrench – even though their other half is a real petrol head and gets excited about filling up his tool set.

For many girls, their makeup case is their tool set – but how are the boys supposed to go about helping with the collection? The majority of men wouldn’t know where to start choosing the right shade of lipstick to perfectly match your complexion, hair, favorite clothes and make your teeth appear pearly white, or the first thing about eyelash curlers or bronzers; but there are still many useful things which boys can safely buy as gifts to help their partners maintain a beautiful, polished look.

A makeup brush set can make a world of difference to the application and appearance of your makeup. Although these brushes don’t have to be expensive they do have to be good quality and they do have to be clean. It is important to keep your makeup brushes clean, dirt and bacteria free for many reasons and a nice, new brush set can really help lift a girl almost as much as a new shade of nail polish. It’s important that all makeup brushes are washed regularly and never, ever shared with friends – bacteria and infections can so easily be spread in this way.

Makeup bags are another “safe area” for boys to buy. Even if they don’t know the first thing about eye shadow powders and crèmes they know your basic tastes right. They ought to know whether you are a silky, flowery, flouncy and delicate sort of girl or somebody who prefers bold, bright or even neon color blocks so that’s a start. Even a small makeup bag can come in useful for the girl with a suitcase full of cosmetic products – every girl on the go needs to carry a small selection of items with her at all times – right?


An airbrush kit is quickly becoming the “must have” cosmetic accessory for any girl who takes her appearance seriously. These marvelous creations have been hidden away far too long by professional makeup artists and beauticians! Everybody can use them at home with just a little practice so an airbrush kit would make the perfect birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift – many of them come in well below $100. This may be a little expensive to tag onto a monthly makeup budget but it certainly won’t break the bank for a gift on those special occasions.

Nail art is another extremely popular makeup craze with many people now achieving truly outstanding results. There are some fabulous nail art kits available for sale which even the people without a smattering of makeup “know how” can buy as gifts – many women at home can achieve results of a truly professional standard with just a little practice.

As you can see there are plenty of gifts which men can buy for their partners to help with their beauty regime and makeup preferences without knowing the difference between blush, bronze and eye lash curlers.

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