Friday, July 4, 2014

All About My Braces! (Brace Face Tag Video)

Hey dolls!

I posted a new video up my channel! This one’s  a tag video called the “Brace Face Tag”. Apparently, I should’ve filmed this back when I still had braces, but I thought it would be fun to answer the questions and extend my sharing to the time when I had them taken off.


If you missed my *super* long post about my braces journey, click on this link: to read it! You’ll see all the photos before, during and after my braces!

Click on this video to find out my answers to the questions in the Brace Face Tag! If ever you have braces, I am tagging *YOU! to film the same video! It’s fun! Cheers to perfect teeth!

Questions (Brace Face Tag):

- When did you get your braces?
– How long after you got them could you feel pressure?
– On a scale from 1 to 10 how bad was the pain?
– What kinds of food did you eat when you first got your braces?
– What kind of toothbrush do you use with your braces?
– Do you use wax?
– How long did getting on your braces take?
– Do you ever get that metal taste in your mouth?
– When are they taking of your braces?
– How often do you get adjustments?
– Do you wear rubber bands?
– Do you get to pick your colors? Which color do you choose?


  1. I did not know that braces can be removed in less than 2 years :) That's amazing! I can't tolerate much pain..

  2. its amazing that you got your braces off in just less tahn 2 years. mines going on 3 years already coz i have a very complicated teeth! haha but i guess we have diff pain thresholds. i didnt use wax whenever i got scrapes and sores. i just let them be i even sing with them! lol

  3. Braces is the best investmentment especially on your profession on youtube. Plus, a great smile boosts one's self confidence.

  4. it's really worth the pain when braces are removed! :)

    i will post off topic comment if you don't mind Ms Say, you are so beautiful in this video, I would like to ask if you have a tutorial in this look. It's very simple and fresh look!

  5. The pain worth it. hehe. You have a nice teeth :D . Who's your dentist??
    How much does it cost??
    Hope you can answer all my questions :)

    1. answers are all in the link in the post. pls read

  6. hi! can you tell me how much is the downpayment and the monthly payment wd your dentist?

  7. Yung brace ko 5 months palang, excited na akong maremove ang bakal ko sa teeth at makakain ng normal. :P

  8. Ang ganda na ng teeth mo. Nice result! :)

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