Thursday, July 17, 2014

Allergic to Scallops?! (July 10, 2014)


Hey dolls!

So recently, I went back to the gym—or working out, in general! I’m still at my favorite BodyRockTV routine, but to be honest, it’s a lot more difficult to do now, compared to when I was at my fitness prime about 2 years ago. Oh well, we gotta keep pushing!!!

Oh, and find out what happened when I ate scallops at a media event that day! Eeeep!

Watch the video here:


  1. I love your skin even without make up! Super nag improve ung skin mo Say even if you are not yet done with Nu Skin Galvanic Spa :) Keep working out for a healthier you!

  2. we go to the same gym.... :) thats in ymca right...

  3. I love your VLOGS, napaka- natural lang ! :)

  4. I love your blogs ate lalo na pag mahaba :)

  5. Ako rin I started hitting the gym lately. It's now or never. hahaha!!!