Wednesday, July 9, 2014

HAUL (AbbyJocson Bag, Reve Concealer, Burt’s Bees by Sample Room)

go haul

Hi dolls!

I’m back with another haul video! This one’s a short haul, but the products are *super* worth sharing, in my opinion!

I’ve got a new bag!

This is called the NAOMI TOTE from Abby Jocson (P2,450.00)


  • Chic, spacious and ultra-glam , this tote means business. Inspired by power-dressing yuppies who go about their busy days from one meeting to another, this bag can carry your laptop, documents and organizer.

  • Metallic Faux Snake Skin Leather
  • Black reversed satin lining
  • Internal slip pocket
  • External zip pocket
  • Zip closure

I squealed when I got this from the mail. It’s so ME. I love huge, spacious, classic-looking bags!!! Also, gold and black makes the perfect combination!

Next item is this fab concealer I bought from the Hayan counter at SM Manila. It’s the Reve Auto Concealer (P250.00) Reve, apparently a sister company of Hayan, carries this awesome concealer that has really good coverage + thick consistency! I can’t wait to do a video review on this.


I’ve been meaning to try this Palmolive Body Wash in Calming Moisture (P80.00) for the longest time! *I actually already did, and it really IS calming!!! I love the little puff that it comes with, as well.

go haul.Still001

Lastly, products from Sample Room PH! They recently went into partnership with Burt’s Bees and here are the products you can try before buying!

Deep Cleansing Cream, Coconut Foot Crème, Hand Crème (Honey and Grapeseed), Body Wash (Fab & Fresh Peppermint and Rosemary), Honey Lip Balm


What is Sample Room?


Sample Room is committed in aiding you to get the best beauty product that matches well with you. Our mission is to educate consumers about products before buying them. Aside from giving out free product samples, Sample Room also provides reviews from local consumers who have availed of the samples, beauty experts and partner bloggers- making it a one-stop avenue where beauty shoppers get to read, learn and try all at the same time!

The consumer is YOU. And we give you the POWER to take hold of your purchasing decisions, so that you may never have to guess the effectiveness of a product on you.


Sample Room's vision and inspiration is for all consumers to have a happy and confident well-being.

Sample Room will continue to innovate and partner with brands in reaching out more effectively to consumers. We are motivated to make your every purchase worth it.

You don't need to:
  • Take a risk at a full-sized product that may not work for you or may give you an allergic reaction
  • Rely on reviews alone that might not jive with your skin type (as you get to try the product yourself)
  • Waste money on a product that might not work for you.
You will be able to:
  • Patch-test, and road-test the product you are interested in purchasing- if the product suits you and works well with your skin
  • Experience the product, and decide after finishing a sample size if the product is right for you
  • Read reviews from consumers who have the same skin type as yours
  • Enjoy your purchase, as it is a well-researched and well-informed purchase. Definitely value for your money!

How does Sample Room work???

1. Register

Register and be a Sample Room member! Being a member makes you qualified to get free samples from our website.

2. Get free points upon registration

Upon registration, you get 100 points to start your Sample Room adventure! These points can get you samples based on the sample roster that we have.

3. Choose your sample

Each corresponding sample has a given number of points for it to be availed. Use your points to get the available samples.

4. Check out

Go to check out and pay for the shipping and handling fee.

Click here to read more about our shipping & handling fees

5. Receive your samples

Samples arrive on your doorstep! Yay! Time to road-test your samples!

6. Post a review at

Please rate and review on each of the products you have chosen to try.

7. Get points by reviewing, get a new sample to try

You earn more points as you rate and review a product. The points you earned will give you the opportunity to get more samples! The more samples you review, the more points you get, and that means more samples to try!

Click here on how to earn more points

8. Buying of points

Should your points are not enough to get the samples that you want, Sample Room gives you an option to buy points and avail these samples!

Hope you guys enjoyed! Here’s the haul video!


  1. Will be checking out Abby Jocson's site coz of this post :D That bag!

  2. I sooo love the bag! :) Lakas makasosyal! The color combi is sooo glam! :) I will be looking forward to that concealer review. I think that is one of the concealers out there worth buying. :) And oh! Will try sample room too, soon. :)

  3. cool post

  4. Oooh, that bag! Its so pretty and huge, love it. Ay gusto ko rin itry yung Palmolive Body Wash, every time I buy beauty related stuff, my boyfriend would say to this me: "Oh nakita mo naman yan kay Say noh?" Haha.

  5. I love, love, love the bag! Tulad mo, gusto ko din yung malaki para marami akong paglalagyan. Minsan lang ako lumabas ng bahay pero ang dami kong dala!

  6. Ganda ng bag Ms. Say!!:) Wish I could get one of that too.Also yung palmolive body wash affordable yet maganda sa skin. I also use palmolive products coz its just right for my budget. I admire you Ms. Say dahil you're not that brand conscious. You go for value for money more than the name it carries. I also wanna check ou sample room. Seems interesting :) More power and God bless Ms. Say!:)

  7. Everytime I visit your blog there is definitely always something to learn about. Informative, detailed and very interesting. You are such an inspiration Say and I cannot wait to read your future blogs! :*

    PS: I registered to Sample Room PH right after reading this and I cannot wait to try Burt’s Bees as well! More power Say!

  8. thanks for the Abby Jocson website, it looks like they have really good bags :)

  9. im a member of sample room already :). btw i bought the same body wash from palmolive i love it! smells so good and my skin became softer! im planning to buy more

  10. i envy the burts bees products! ive bee meaning to try them but never got the chance! will save up on them now :)

  11. Wow! I want to try the sample room as well! Thanks for this Say!

  12. I super love the bag Ms. Say! :)