Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Exciting Trip Soon!!! (June 29, 2014 Vlog)

june 29 vlog.Still001

Hey dolls!

Have you watched this vlog yet? I’ll be flying to Hong Kong this Saturday and then straight to China for a business trip! I am so excited primarily because this is going to be my very first trip out of the country. Believe it or not!!!

So, Hong Kong and ShenZhen, see you soon!

Enjoy the vlog! :)


  1. Will definitely watch ur vlog in your hk trip. :)

  2. Cant wait for the vlogs and more photo updates. Enjoy your vacay Say! You deserve all these! ♥

  3. I watched your vlogs ate during your hongkong trip :)

  4. I've watched all of your travel vlogs! Please make a video on how you packed your things Ms. Say! 😊

  5. I always check your channel first thing in the morning when I wake up because I really love watching your videos.

  6. And one thing I've noticed is that your skin is really getting better!! And I love it! Well anyways, Goodluck on your career tho Ms. Say! Make more fun videos! 👍❤️