Monday, July 7, 2014

What’s In My Bag?


It’s been awhile since my last What’s in My Bag tag video… I’m letting you guys in so that you can take a look inside my bag and find out what I carry with me on a daily basis!


Like some women out there, I bring SO MANY STUFF with me. Mark always complains when I bring around SUPER HEAVY bags to our trips/dates. I’m just like that! It’s always better to bring more! Haha!


I got to have my mirror with me. This one’s from Daiso. I got it for only P88.00! It’s huge, and I like it! I dislike teeny tiny mirrors because you don’t get to see your entire face (especially when doing your makeup)


I need to bring some kind of snack with me whenever I go on long drives because I easily get hungry. I have here the Quaker Oaties Mini Cookies! Really yummy :)


Here’s my 1 year old wallet/passport holder from Abby Jocson! Love it to bits!


I’ve here a pouch from BeautyBookPH wherein I put in makeup items like powder for retouching…etc.


My trusty vlogging camera! It’s a Canon Ixus 125HS. It’s what I use to vlog everyday.


Being the “organized” girl that I am, I have here note pads and my favorite My Gel pens.


I carry around 2 notebooks, one Starbucks planner and 1 pink notebook wherein I write scripts, video ideas and blog post topics. :)

You can watch the video here!!!


  1. I must say, you're video editing improved a lot! Pati sa vlogs, sana magkaroon ka na rin ng intro :D

  2. Nice! We have the same mirror and quaker oaties!! I also have it always in my bag <33 coincidence. hehe.
    Blog also what's in your make up kit :D

  3. Love the contents! Sometimes, BFs benefit from their Gf's bag. They always put their stuff like, sunglasses, face towel, wallet, etc on their gf's bags. Haha! :) Love how organize you are. The bag is sooo cute! :)

  4. I love pink, anything that is pink. :) Pareho tayo laging may dalang notebooks, love doodling and writing notes and ideas.

  5. I am not a fan of small bags but if I'll be given such a cutie-patootie pinky bag like that I would love to use it all day everyday! :)

  6. OMG we have the same mirror and planner awesome!

  7. Your skin looks so flawless already!!!

  8. I love your bag because it's color pink