Monday, September 15, 2014

August 2014 Favorites! (Makeup, Skin & Hair Products!)

aug faves

Hi everyone!

I’m a bit late with my previous Monthly Favorites video but here it is!

You may proceed to watching the video here (see: below) or continue reading for my thoughts on each product and why they made it to my favorites list for August :)

1. Tangle Teezer from 

closeup_5a3c822c6974734d40b509b4df226956b309ac23_goldtangleteezerI’ve been loving my Gold and Black Compact Style (Tangle Teezer) since the first day I got it!!! As mentioned in the video, I’ve suffered from hair tangles (severe ones, too!) last 2 weeks or so, and this totally helped me detangled the knots WITHOUT the pain. Using regular brushes usually take me a long time and it’s painful, and I end up damaging my hair even more! With the Tangle Teezer, my tangles are now a thing of the past! You can use the code “LX-LINDSAY” on the Luxola website for discounts!

2. Hair Treats Hair Spa from Watsons P229.00 (Buy 1 Take 1)
I could live with ONLY this for my hair FOREVER!!! Seriously, the Watsons Hair Treats Hair Spa works wonders for my hair! I don’t shampoo everyday anymore—what I use is this product! It leaves my hair incredibly smooth, soft, shiny, and most of all, TANGLE-FREE (for days!) I love it! I highly recommend the Aloe Vera and the Lavender variant :)

3. Pink Sugar Fine Fragrance Mist (from BDJ Box)



I rarely fall in love with scents, but I did, with the Tropical Sunset mist from Pink Sugar! It smells super fresh and light! The only downside is it not being long-lasting, albeit it’s quite understandable, considering it’s only a MIST not a perfume ;)

4. Philosophy 3-in-1 Cleanser (Purity)


This is my first time using a Philosophy product, and I can say that I am truly impressed! The Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser for the Face and Eyes made it to my faves list simply because it removes all traces of makeup in a jiff! It’s VERY GENTLE TOO!

5. In Transit Camera Close-up


I discovered this product from! I’ve never heard of it before, and it has instantly become my favorite because it works amazing as a primer! I’ve used it many times during hot and humid days (weeks ago) and it kept my makeup intact all day—every time.

6. Rucy's Vanity Quad P200.00 (Available at the Candyloveart Studio located at Unit 809 KB Arizona Tower P Campa Street Sampaloc Manila)


My favorite eyeshadow quad for August because 1. it’s very pigmented, 2. the shades are perfect for everyday, 3. it’s super blendable and lastly, 4. it’s one of the most inexpensive yet good quality quads I’ve ever tried!

That’s it for my faves for August, loves!

Feel free to share YOUR faves in the comment box! :)


  1. i love your august faves...i wanna try the tangle teezer and the fragrance mist too. :)

  2. Great faves for the month of august! Love your teeser thingy and the gold packaging OMG!!! :) loveyah miss say

  3. Wow 0___0 I like your August faves! I wish I have all of them hehehe:)

  4. hi! i'd already watched your august favorites.. very nice! :) by the way, i love your hair. simply straight and long black hair. yihee! and also i wanna try the hair spa that you bought. sounds interesting! more videos please!!! thank you and god bless! :D

  5. I love your picks. I haven't tried the tangle teezer but I want that too. I'm also suffering from hair tangles and it ruins my hair. :/ I also love Rucy's Vanity. I bought it when I saw it on your blog and I love how pigmented it is for such an affordable price. :) What I also love is the Avon love collide perfume. It's not super strong so it's okay for those who are sensitive to perfumes.

  6. I like your hair that way ate Say. Better. :)

  7. Ang ganda ng tangle teezer. Ilang beses ko n nakita yan sa mga foreigner youtuber/makeupguru and maganda din ung color pink nyan. Wishing to have it also. More monthly favorites pa para additional knowledge for me kung ano mgandang itry when it comes to kakiyan. Hehehe! Love it!!!

  8. I want the tangle teezer!! :) Hehehe. I get so kilig Ms. Say pag may new posts ka!!


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    Thanks!! :)