Friday, September 12, 2014

Hair & Makeup of the Day (Thinly Lined Eyes, Lashes and Red Lips)


Hi everyone!

For today’s makeup look, I decided to use very minimal product on the face, yet still get that classic look by doing my eyeliner and sport red lips! This makeup look may not be new for most of you, but I have to say, that this is my favorite go-to look! For my hair, I did an easy side braid to add youthfulness to the entire look!

Here’s the video, enjoy watching!

A step by step guide on how to achieve this look:


I used the ever so famous Rivecowe CC Cream. I love this CC Cream for its lightweight feel! It conceals all imperfections and leaves my skin looking radiant and not OVERLY white. It has a yellow undertone to it making it perfect for Filipinas. As you can see in the photos, the shade blends/matches with your own skintone as you apply it. I use my fingertips to be able to really blend it all in. This retails for P875.00 and you can order from 09179870285 :)


Since the Rivecowe CC Cream has a semi-matte, semi-dewy finish, I applied the Absynthe Happy Girls are the Prettiest Powder over it to set, and also get rid of the minimal dewiness (if you’re going for a total matte finish) The Happy Girls are the Prettiest Powder is one of my ABSOLUTE faves because 1) it has a yellow tone 2) it is finely milled, giving the skin a super smooth finish 3) it gives a cooling effect on the skin—totally refreshing on the face! This retails for P380.00, you can order from 09179870285


I used my newest NYX Eyebrow Kit from for my brows. I recently plucked all stray hairs so it was very easy to define my brows! I like that this kit’s stencils are very FLEXIBLE, not the usual hard, plastic-y types that we see. I’ll do a video on this soon!


I did not use much eye shadow for this look. I only used a matte crème shade from this MUA palette that I got from over primer. This will create a smooth, even color on the lids.


I lined my eyes using a brown liner from K Palette. Brown is a very subtle color and I tend to lean more towards this shade whenever I want a softer look.


Noticed the first photo from the left (above): the left eye looks more ‘complete’ than the right eye. How this happened? TIGHTLINING! It gives more definition to the eyes and makes your lashes appear fuller! I used the Eye of Horus Nubian Brown Goddess Pencil—the formulation of it is perfect! It glides on well on the upper rim.


As always, curl your lashes and add mascara! I’m using the Say Lash Curler in Golden Goddess and the Benefit They’re Real mascara.


NARS Orgasm for the blush and highlights on the high points of the cheeks using my Naked Flushed Palette.


I lined my lips using Avon’s liner in Red Brick and topped it off with NYX Butter Lipstick in Mary Janes Such a beautiful combination!


Now for my hair, it’s nothing fancy!


First, I applied the latest Vitress Solenn Hair Cuticle Coat to add shine and tame down baby hairs. (plus it smells AMAZING) Next, I parted my hair to the side and did a short side braid! And…that’s it!

I hope you enjoyed, and I’ll see in the next HMOTD post :)


  1. So pretty. I like the simple hair, you added a braid just to break out from the homogeneity of long hair. I also like what you did to your lash line. :) I'm also using Avon glimmersticks as my lip liner and I love it

  2. gorgeous ♥ red is a always a perfect color

  3. Love the red lips ms. say. :) you look happy and inlove with this makeup. :)

  4. I wanna try the rivecowe cc cream and happy girls are the prettiest powder. :) more hair and makeup of the day. :)

  5. Wow I like the red lips it looks sexy.Perfect hair and makeup :)

  6. Red lips looks good on you Ms Say.. :-) keep on posting and smiling to brighten our day !<3

  7. You look gorg in red lipstick Say ;)

  8. You look gorgeous as always! It always reflect from what is inside. Keep it up ms. Say! Love it!

  9. Signature look mo na talaga yung red lips Ms. Say! Bagay na bagay sayo!! :)

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