Friday, September 19, 2014

HAUL! (Makeup, Clothes, Skincare)


Hi everyone!

I have a brand new haul video to share with everyone! Enjoy watching! Keep reading to see photos of each item and where I got them from :)

I rewarded myself with a shopping trip to For Me—a clothing store I am SO INLOVE with, and picked up new items from their new collections!

new haul.Still005

Remember my “Someday” sweater??? They now have the “Love” sweater!!!! I just HAD to get it because it looks SUPER ADORBS!!! And totally my style + suitable for the weather we’re having nowadays!

new haul.Still006

I buy ALL my jeans from For Me because 1) Their size L fits me like a glove—no struggling whatsoever, 2) these are from their I Love My Super Skinnies Collection, but they’re SUPER comfortable to wear, not toooooo tight like other skinny jeans out there! I got a blue one and a black one :)

new haul.Still008

(If you don’t know, I graduated with a degree in Marketing from UST.) This was sent to me by Thomasian Rank found at Pink Gold Store 2nd floor UST Carpark Bldg. It is SUPER adorable, and the size M is alright for my frame! Thank you so much Thomasian Rank! To all my fellow Thomasians, I think you’ll love this.

new haul.Still009

The L’Oreal V Shaper is a skincare cream that helps you achieve a more V-like shape for your face. This shape apparently is considered very attractive! I have yet to try this one out, I’ll definitely report back to you and let you know if it works!

new haul.Still010

I love me my lace hat from Daiso! Only P88.00 and I mainly bought this because of my friend Joyce who has a similar hat. I never wear hats, and I was inspired by Joyce, so I got one, too! I love it, and I see myself purchasing more hats! :)


I got the latest Bifesta Eye and Lip makeup remover—P298.00 from Watsons. This was definitely much cheaper in HK, but hey! It works really well. It removes stubborn and heavy eye makeup with ease! I love to pair this with my Bifesta Cleansing Lotion. Perfect combo!

Lastly, (not in photo), a SAVEE eyeshadow from Malaysia from my sister! It’s one of those that you can put in a Z-Palette! Super cute, I love the color!

That’s it for my haul! I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Your lipstick though! <3

  2. i loved how you picked clothes especially the tops. so sophisticated ms. say!:)

  3. OH my, I super love the love sweater. It's so cute yet it looks comfy. Super love the hat too. :) Bagay sayo. I super love Bifesta as well. I love the makeup remover and lotion combination. It really removes makeup even the waterproof one. And it isn't harsh on the skin.

  4. good post,great share,love you
    such useful

  5. I always love watching you haul videos Ms. Say! I think you are a very smart shopper and I love that you're not really brand conscious. :) I love shopping at Daiso too, they have a lot of cool items at very low prices.

    I also love Bifesta, I have their makeup remover and now I want to try this one!

    Thanks for recommending For Me jeans, I think I should get my pants there from now on! Hihi :D BTW, that sweater is uber cute! <3

  6. I really love this haul video. You look good in your Daiso lace hat :) Continue inspiring women, Say! Love lots :)

  7. Ang ganda ng sweater! I love the uniqueness of the color. Sana mgkaroon ng review ang Loreal V shaper i am curious about it parang ikaw pa lang ata mayroon nyan:) im gonna try also that new product from bifesta kasi simula napanoon ko review mo sa bifesta make up remover bumili na ako agad at ive tried it talaga maganda siya lahat mg review mo au true! Kaya hindi ko din palalampasin yang eye and lip remover nila. Thank u for this!