Sunday, February 27, 2011

░ Product Overview: Ever Bilena Advance Smooth Lips "Timeless Ruby" ░

 I paid the newly renovated branch of Watson's at SM City Manila a visit today and I feasted on the sight of newly re-stocked products from Ever Bilena. Every time I go there, I keep checking if they have the Ever Bilena Advance Smooth Lips. It was one of the products that Judy of ItsJudyTime brought home with her from the Philippines. My good friend, Janah of MaricarlJanah, has also been trying to find this product in Cebu but to no avail. I promised I'd buy her one, and so I did. I got the shade Timeless Ruby. I also bought one for myself since I'd like to see how it works! 
Here's the packaging of the Ever Bilena Advance Smooth Lips:
Looks like a marker to me!

Has a sponge-tip applicator.
They had the decency to cover the tip with a protective plastic--which I LOVE!

Twisting the body will make the product ooze out.
After using.
You will have to "keep on twisting until the color comes out"--that's what it says on the product itself. I twisted for 10 times before the product finally came out. I was a bit worried since I thought the product was all dried out! But no! 
Here's the application process (not that I think it's difficult to apply--of course not!):
Bare lips. No lipbalm. whatsoever.

Not really a precise application, but I guess from here you'd see how it looks like!
Timeless Ruby is....timeless. You can never go wrong with red. I have yet to test the lasting power of this product! It is also available in different shades! Go to the nearest Watsons now! (Oh boy, talk about persuasive advertisement.)
PRICE: PHP 72.00
CONTENT: 2.3ml


  1. wow i want to try it! It is highly pigmented.

  2. It's so pigmented and is that classic red. Very nice.

  3. your lips look weird. especially your bottom lip, yuck!

  4. @Melissa-Anne: Go try it! It's reaaaally good.
    @Fannie: Hi Fanny! :) The shade is "Timeless Ruby"
    @Anonymous: God bless you, dear! :)

  5. Hi Say,

    I recently bought Everbilena Matte Lipstick (Storm) and I use it always coz I noticed that red lips is IN. I will surely try this Everbilena Advance Smooth, looks like I'm gonna like it:)

  6. Hi say!Im gonna super try this, do they have pink din? You're pretty say! haters will always be haters..tsk tsk

  7. @AidiSan: You sure are correct, dear!!! RED LIPS WILL ALWAYS BE IN!!! :) I recommend this product talaga. I'm sure you'll love it!
    @Amanderrific: Yes dear! They have a lot of shades available! :) You can see for yourself. :) Aww thank you dear you're sweet! Hahaha let's laugh them off!

  8. i will buy another color of this one!!