Saturday, February 26, 2011

░ A Day in The Life of Say: Dinner @ SpamJam, Mall of Asia ░

If you see that white line on my lips, that's probably my gloss mixed with my Mauvey lip color and some lemonade.
After shopping at the Cosmetologie 2011 event, Kathy, Jayne and I headed to the Mall of Asia to find eats before finally heading home. Kathy was telling us about the Spam Musubi earlier and since Jayne and I haven't tried it yet, we decided to eat at the SpamJam kiosk. It took us about 25 minutes to walk from the other side of the building to the kiosk! 
When we got there, we mindlessly ordered  two musubis each! One spam musubi priced at 38.00 PHP. I didn't think it would be so big and so filling which is the reason why I was not able to finish my second spam musubi and brought it home instead for my mom to try. 
The spam musubis are basically like sushi, with the seaweed wrapping the sticky rice and a thick slice of spam. If you're from Hawaii, you would be 100% familiar with this. I find the spam musubi very tasty and definitely filling. It's because of the sticky rice that I felt so full after just a few bites. We had lemonade to go with the spam musubis.
If you pass by the Mall of Asia, you should definitely check the SpamJam kiosk out. It wouldn't hurt your pocket! You have three choices on the menu: eat it as a sandwich, as a sushi, or as a rice meal with a sunny side up. 
I hope you had fun watching another Day in The Life of Say vlog! 

No wonder I felt so full after the first one.

With my good college friend, Kathy.
This one's for my mom.
Kathy & Jayne enjoying their Spam Musubis.
The kiosk.