Friday, February 25, 2011


This is probably the best investment I have done in my career as a freelance makeup artist. For almost over a year now (FEB '10-'11), I have been using my Sony Cybershot W130 to shoot videos and take photos. I never really had any problems with it except for the fact that it does not take high definition videos. Since I have been blessed with such awesome viewers and subscribers, I think it's just imperative on my part to produce high-quality output. Which is why I am very excited to say that I am now a proud owner of the HP Full HD Digital Camcorder: HP V5560u. I bought this camcorder last February 20, 2011 at CameraHaus, SM City Manila branch. I was planning on getting it on March but then again I wanted to cover the Cosmetologie event which happened February 22-23. I had it reserved and they still had to go to Taguig to pick up (1) model from their warehouse (since it wasn't available in the store) and have it ready the day after I made the reservation. Maffle took care of everything. She updated me about the delivery and stuff. By 1:30 of Sunday I was already there ready to pick up the camcorder. I upgraded my free 2GB SDHC card to a 4GB card and just had to pay PHP200.00 instead of PHP 695.00 (for the 4GB SDHC card alone) Maffle introduced me to basic functions and I must say I was very impressed--especially on the quality of the videos AND the photos. 

The specs of this model is amazing:
  • Up to 12MP Still Image Capture
  • 20x Zoom Max
  • 3" 16:9 Touch Screen LCD Panel
  • Motion Detection
  • Full HD 1080p
  • 5x Optical Zoom
  • 4x Digital Zoom
  • Video Resolutions (FULL HD, HD, WVGA, QVGA)
  • Video Format .MOV
  • Internal Memory 32MB
  • Storage media: SD/SDHC
Package Contents:
  • HP V5560u Digital Camcorder
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual Installation Software
  • Warranty Card
  • DOC Letter
  • HDMI Cable
  • AV Cable USB Cable
  • Lens Cap
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Carry Pouch
  • Cleaning Cloth

Price: PHP 9,995.00 (from PHP 10,995.00) % off's definitely rule my world.
Location bought: CameraHause SM City Manila Branch

I have tried using this camcorder to film and I must say that it is true how the pores show up vividly when you're on HD! Anyway, I'll be doing some kind of an open box vlog on this camcorder for you guys tomorrow. 


  1. hi Say,

    congrats on your new digital camcorder, now we can expect a clearer and better video tutorials from you (no

  2. Aidi! Ohhh nooo. Lots of pressure! Hahaha! Thank you dear.

  3. hi say! congrats on this. :)) excited to see your new HD vids! and this camera really is cheap ha, i mean for the specs.

    anyway, i have literally read ALL your blog entries, watched every make up tutorial/haul/review vid and i must say that you are an amazing make up guru - with your skills and attitude alike. i love how you take every single negative comment lightly, even trying to laugh at them. i noticed this particular guru (not gonna drop her name cos i know you're friends with her) who just gets bitchy if someone makes a not-so-good comment on her vids/blogs. she gets sarcastic in replying to comments as if she's perfect and doesn't have anything to improve on. well, that's just how i see it. she may be good technically but her attitude is sometimes inaappropriate.

    there, sorry to blab about this but my only point is that keep doing what you do and be your best at all times and keep your feet on the ground. i know you'll go far. you are one of the most amazing teenagers i have ever seen.

  4. Hi Elibeth!
    Oh yes, I was surprised with the price! It is such a great camcorder.
    Awwww ALL of my entries and videos?!?! YOU LITERALLY MADE MY DAY! You are so sweet dear.
    People like YOU are the reason why I keep on going. Thank you so much for this heartwarming comment. Thank you for believing in me!
    And I will always keep in mind all the things you just said.
    Never gonna forget this!
    Much love, Say

  5. Wow! Nice pick! it's a really nice choice for a cam corder!

  6. Hi Hollie! I agree, it's such a great camcorder!

  7. hi say! im an avid reader of your blog, you are really blessed. love the cam i wish to buy one too.