Monday, February 28, 2011

░ Makeup Haul: COSMETOLOGIE 2011 ░

If you have seen my Cosmetologie 2011 vlog, you're probably wondering what products I brought home with me from that event. I may have uploaded the vlog version of this post a few days later than expected because YouTube gave me a difficult time. But now that it is [finally] uploaded, let me formally show you the things I bought starting off with...

Doughnut Bun, PHP 100.00
I have been looking all over Manila for this thing! It almost got away with somebody else while I was looking at the variety of falsies displayed but thank goodness he changed his mind and put it back. I quickly grabbed it and paid for it when I realized that it was what I've been looking for! I'll be doing a tutorial on how to use this; in case you're wondering how it works.
Kabuki Brush, PHP 180.00
This was also the last piece remaining on stock. I thought about buying it or not for like 5 times. In the end I finally convinced myself to buy it. It is nothing like those scratchy ones out there. This kabuki brush is amazingly soft. Just like that of Nichido's...only cuter because of the color. They also had the red one, but I chose pink since it looked "cleaner" than the red one.
Bobby Pins, PHP 6.00 per pack
When doing hair tutorials and styling the hair of my clients, I need tons of bobby pins. For the price of this I should've bought more. They are of good quality.
Wet N' Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks, PHP 99.00 each
I bought the shades 541B CASHMERE, 525D RETRO PINK, 529B COPPER DUST (photo: top to bottom) I've tried using Retro Pink & Copper Dust. I'll do a video on these lippies. They stay on incredibly well! I personally recommend them. Cashmere is a lovely shade, I must say.
Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks, PHP 80.00 each (ON SALE)
Yes, I bought them for 80.00 each instead of 99.00 because it was on sale (just like everything else in Cosmetologie 2011) I bought the shades DUSK (LEFT SWATCH) and MIRRORED MOCHA (RIGHT SWATCH). What else can I say? Have I not raved about these matte lippies enough? Oh and by the way, I don't think they're going to phase this out. We've been given wrong information by different salesladies. I've been to the mall yesterday and EB just re-stocked. No need to worry anymore!
Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake, PHP 299.00 (ON SALE)
Regular price is at 399.00. Again they had it on sale! I've been meaning to get this for myself for the longest time! Expect a review on this as well. Perfect shade for me is "ORLEANS".

Dollface Cosmetics Concealer, PHP 475.00
The very first thing I bought at the event. I had this reserved (a huge thanks to Pearl Sarcauga). I am in the shade of #3. And I will save my blabbing about this product in another entry. All I can say is...this is the biggest and the BEST concealer I have ever used! Enough said!

Hope you enjoyed my little haul!
Watch the vlog version of this entry here:


  1. wow your brows look way better now! good job.


  3. @Anna: Thank you Anna! :)
    @Anonymous: Seriously, God bless you! :)

  4. You look so pretty Say =)
    I mean you are pretty..

    You made me buy Everbilena lipsticks hahah!

    Don't mind the hater above, inggit lang yan sayo.
    Wala kasi siyang maipintas sayo kaya yun na lang lagi nyang sinasabi. =)

    More power to you dear!

  5. Abigail, thank you so much! You are really sweet. Hahaha how are you liking them so far? :) Hahaha don't mind him/her. Haters gonna hate! :D Thank you for reading this Abigail! :D

  6. Hi Say,

    I remember you mentioning the babybliss thing...saw it earlier at sm manila sale at 35% off...near the entrance :D

  7. ohhhh. ang ganda mo Say!

  8. where did you buy your HAIR BUN DONUT? :-)

  9. Hi Louise! REALLY?!?!?! Thanks for telling me!
    Anne, thank you dear! :)
    Anonymous, from this booth called MTN Marketing. :)

  10. i like my ever belina lipstick as well..i have one shade in pink..