Tuesday, March 1, 2011

░ A Day in The Life of Say: Typical Sunday Brunch @ Razon's + Watsons ░

Sundays are normally church+malling days for my family and I. Since I wanted to take you guys with me, I decided to take footages of the newly opened restaurant where me and my sister Iza ate brunch at after hearing mass @ St. Jude Archdiosecan Shrine. (Mama and my other sister, Lady, wanted to eat someplace else so we decided to split up) Razon's of Guagua recently opened a branch in SM City Manila. Its location is where Pho Hoa was situated before. I feel sad that Pho Hoa had to close down. It's the nearest place where I can satisfy my sudden pho cravings.
Here is what I ordered: Longsilog (longganiza, sinangag-fried rice, and itlog-egg) A serving costs PHP 125.00. You see that tiny saucer above the eggs? That's vinegar with a piece of chili. I've never tried dipping the longganizas into it before but when I tried it last Sunday, I was surprised!!! It tasted soooo yummy! So that's why it's used as a sawsawan (dip). With the three longganizas, you will really feel full afterwards. You will see in the vlog embedded on the bottom of this entry how much I enjoyed eating this.

Now who doesn't LOVE halo-halo? This is Razon's famous halo-halo. It is sold for only P90.00 per serving. The two slices of leche flan on top really tastes soooo good! Although I was a bit disappointed with the one I ordered since it lacked sweetness (for me, at least). Nevertheless, Razon's has the best-tasting halo-halo in the Philippines.

This is what's on the interior of the restaurant. A map of Pampanga. It is obvious where Razon's of Guagua originated from.
The basket containing the utensils looks really new; I hope they maintain it! I am very particular about these things. I even wipe my spoon and fork with tissue paper before using them. Who else does?
Razon's own bottled water.
Here's my sister and I! I'm sure you've seen her in my tutorials! BTW, if you want to know, I have the Wet N Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in 525D Retro Pink.
We stopped by Watsons to buy a few things after eating. I had to stop recording since the security guard was giving the "oh no you don't" look. *laughs*
Hope you enjoyed this! 
Watch the video here:


  1. Hi Say,

    I'm glad to know people in Manila appreciate Razon's halo halo. It'd indeed popular here in Pampanga, it's competitor is Corazon's Halo-Halo.

    Summer is approaching and halo halo is the best to have.

    I'm a regular reader of blog and I'm now following it, hope you'll follow mine.


  2. Aidi!!! Hi!!! I just followed your blog. :) Oooh so you live in Pampanga! :) Does it really taste milky and not that sweet? Or maybe they just served it to me that way? I wanna know. Thank you for reading my blog!

  3. Hello Say! Here in Pampanga, some or should I say most resto do not serve halo halo with sugar, you will be the one to add the sugar so that you can control the sweetness to your liking. :) And yes they're really milky...others even add pastillas in addition to leche flan :)

  4. @LadyLuck Thanks for reading this! :)
    @Chinadoll Thank you for telling me this! I should've known! They are indeed verrry milky, wow thanks for the tip :D

  5. Hi Say,

    yes, I'm a true blooded Kapampangan..hehehe.

    maybe the razon's halo halo served to you do not have sugar, you have to put sugar in it according to the sweetness you prefer.

  6. Is that your bag? I was looking for something like that, I think I saw from one schoolmate...is it nice to bring along? I mean space-wise? Thanks!

  7. Hi 30 Something Blogger, yes it is. :) It's my favorite doctor bag. It just costs 280.00. It is definitely nice to bring along. The space is just right for daily use. I get to keep a lot of things in it.