Sunday, March 27, 2011

░ A Day in The Life of Say: Brunch at Cafe de Paris ░

Another Sunday brunch at The French Baker. "Cafe de Paris" makes the title look and sound  more interesting since I know I have been blogging an awful lot about The French Baker already! I ordered something new this particular day--no Chicken Croissant, don't worry! Visit for the menu! 
✔Complimentary Soup (Potato and Bacon)
We can do without the clam chowder or anything else. But Potato and Bacon? Mmmm...

✔Baked Chicken with Mango Salsa
The chicken tastes amazing. Baked to perfection! 
The salsa tasted waaaay too...sour? Because of the vinaigrette. But ain't it pretty?

✔Chicken Parmigiana
Tastes a lot like lemon. Lemon-y. Calamansi-y for Filipinos. 
Yum yum yum in my tum tum tummy.

✔Soup in A Bread Bowl (Potato and Bacon)
The ultimate favorite of my sisters, my mom and I.

✔Mango Salsa
Looks very heavenly! I'd request for "no vinaigrette" next time!

Watch this short video right here for the 'live' show/footage:


  1. I love their soup in a bread bowl too! This entry makes me want to eat :@)

  2. I'm definitely gonna try soup in a bread bowl soon! :)

  3. i didn't know french baker has so many available dishes! gosh these look so yummy!!

  4. hi miss say., love the foods., :)) how did you do the no stealing of photos and your name on your photos?, id like to know because im starting to do blog posts now., hope you can reply., God bless.. :))

  5. hi say i follow you on twitter. do you have an idea how do i know who's mentioning my twitter name on their tweets? it takes time to browse everything kase.. hehe sorry im ignorant

  6. Oh my! I'm hungry at this, cause these pics looks delicious!

    Kisses xox

  7. yummylecious!
    although the food is very similar to that of the "French Baker"... I wonder if they have the same owners.

  8. @Khlaren: I actually felt super hungry after I posted this entry.
    @Michelle: You should definitely try it!
    @Hazel: They do! And all of them tastes super yummy!
    @Rae: Hello, Rae. Type in "how to disable right clicking in blogs" in Google. It should give you some kind of an HTML that you can paste in your blog layout.
    @mirrah: If you're using the NEW Twitter, click on "@ Mentions" right after the "Timeline" tab.
    @Michelle: Thanks dear! :)
    @Hollie: They ARE from The French Baker dear.