Tuesday, March 8, 2011

░ A Day in The Life of Say: Brunch @ The French Baker ░

My most favorite day of the week would probably have to be Sundays. 
This post is, as usual, about where we ate last Sunday after hearing mass. I've endlessly praised the good food, service and ambiance of The French Baker in Twitter. Never was there a time when I got disappointed with this restaurant. The French Baker is such a homey place...somewhere I would go to whenever I need some carbohydrate fix or just some good ol' ice cream shake.

The interiors of the restaurant is simply very classic. I love the way they everything is set up.  The couches, the chairs and tables, the displayed pastries, drinks, and this 'window' where you can view the chef whipping up the dishes. The only thing I want them to change is having the customers order at the counter instead of on our seats. I think it's a hassle on customers' part.
The paper place mats are simply beautiful! They change designs every now and then, but basically all the designs have something to do with Paris, France.
Water on the house. They add flavor by adding slices of lemons and the like.

This is the Angus Beef Burger that my sister ordered.
This came with a pair of plastic gloves to grab hold of the burger with.

This is the Baked Chicken my other sister ordered. Very palatable.
This will truly satisfy your hunger.
I wasn't able to take a photo of the same dish that my mom and myself ordered, but you will see it in the video embedded down below. We both ordered Chicken Salad Croissant with side potato chips to go with it.
What's a meal without a scrumptious dessert?
This is the Mango Crepe from The French Baker.
10 out of 10. Enough said! Definitely made my weekend.

Hope you had fun reading another one of my Day in The Life posts! 
Watch the video below to see footages.


  1. I love The French Baker. I always order their Chicken Salad Croissant. If you love Sugar and Cheese, you should definitely give their Cheese Roll a try... Super Yummy!

  2. Hi Say,

    I super love French Baker, eating in that place is like eating in Paris France. I especially like their blueberry danish bread.

    I wanna experience having breakfast in Paris Delice that I've seen in some of the blogs I follow.

  3. Your croissant made me want to go to French Baker then and there! The French Baker near me only sold breads. I have yet to come across a French Baker that actually is a restaurant!

  4. @Hollie: Yey for TFB lovers!!! :)
    @AidiSan: I agree with you!!! I love their Cinnamon Roll! :D
    @Michelle: Really?! Oh I hope they open the restaurant part there. You will soooo love it!

  5. hi say ask ko lang wer did u buy ur yoga mat?and how much?tnx

  6. Hi! I bought it from the Christmas Bazaar last last year. :) Chris Sports has it too!

  7. yum yum! french baker do make the best meals! :)

    I have an award for you by the way please check my site to know more..