Monday, March 28, 2011

░ Meet and Greet: Casual Get Together with Subbies ░

I don't consider myself a 'big celebrity' to hold meet and greets--so let's call this one a casual get-together with subscribers/readers. This is only part one as I am planning a big and official meet and greet this summer. This get-together was requested by a reader/subscriber and at the same time a school mate of mine, Cake Lee. 
I came from school because it was the last day of my final examinations. You can tell by the corporate uniform I am wearing in the photos! Cake and I met up @ Flavors of China to eat lunch. The place was alright, but nothing to rave about since I hate restaurants with flies. 
The interiors look oriental. Felt really humid although there were AC's all over the place. 
Here is Cake! 
I told her not to move in this photo. *laughs* I wanted to capture a "looking-in-the-menu" shot.

Probably my most decent photo with Cake. 
I was surprised when Cake told me she bought something for me. How sweet can this get?
This ledge right beside our table was very helpful. Wouldn't miss vlogging during a M&G!
What Cake ordered. I think this is the Fish Fillet in Taosi Sauce? 
Here's what I ordered. Taosi Spareribs. Nothing to wow about, really.
Cake was seated across me originally, but I told her to sit beside me so we could take photos together and film the vlog.
We were waiting for Cake's friend, Hannah, but then we left the venue to stroll around since we were already done eating. We were also anticipating the arrival of my fellow beauty guru, Sheena, who I personally met during Judy's Meet & Greet in Manila, and her niece as well. We all agreed in meeting @ Starbucks.
I ordered my favorite Coffee Jelly and a piece of this yummy looking Whoopie Pie.

Another photo with Cake.
A few minutes later, Sheena and Cy came! Sheena looked soooooo pretty in her circle lenses! Don't you guys find her beautiful? She's sooo cute! Hahaha! I know you'll be laughing over this, Sheenz. Anyway, Cy is Sheena's niece. We met during Judy's Meet and Greet. If you're an avid reader of my blog, you would have probably seen them already.

This is Hannah. Cake's friend! She's into makeup as well. It was weird when they asked for a photo op. Totally not used to it! And look at me! Believe it or not, it felt super humid in Starbucks as well. This mall should close down. (Or maybe because I was talking too much?)
This photo right here (with Sheena) is taken with my HP V5560u. I love the quality! You can never go wrong with 12MP or higher. This is so far my favorite photo with Sheena. You guys should totally check her out! 
Here is her YouTube channel link:
After a loooooooong talk in Starbucks, we went makeup shopping! It was totally fun. I was planning on going home earlier, but we finished at 6PM. So basically that's over 5 hours of fun with the girls. 
I am looking forward to my next meet and greet session! Hit me up if you want a meet up and we'll schedule a fun date together! Thank you Cake and Hannah! Till next time!


  1. Looks like an awesome meetup! You should definitely make a bigger meetup! I'd love to come! :)

  2. wow ang ganda ninyo naman.. looks like you really having fun!
    Sheena looks so cute.. and pretty =)

  3. @Michelle: It was. I'll definitely plan something bigger. :)
    @Lourdes: Thanks Lourdes, yes she really is!

  4. happy to see bloggers take time to meet and greet and i wish the same for kapampangan bloggers, maybe one day, we will have our own meet and greet:)

  5. Hahaha:)) Thanks again Say for that wonderful day. Lets bond again sometime!!:D Can't wait to watch the vlog I might laugh hard:))

  6. i think you should try using other background music! you've been overusing that song.

  7. @Aidi: Thanks Aidi!
    @Cake: No biggie, Cake! The vid's already up.
    @Anna: Thanks for watching the video!