Wednesday, March 16, 2011

░ A Day in The Life of Say: Lunch @ Imperial Kitchen & Bubbatealicious Milk Tea ♨ ░

I have been staying after school for practices for the past week, hence Kathy and I often have lunch @ school instead of at home. I have developed an uncontrollable addiction to Bubbatealicious' Milk Tea! Visit their site at: 
For this particular day, I ordered the Chocolate Milk Tea and Kathy had the Royal Milk Tea. Both for 50.00 (large size) We decided to eat at Imperial Kitchen and ordered the following:

Spareribs + rice

Fish and Tofu + Yang Chow fried rice

Nothing really special, but something fit for students like us. Imperial Kitchen and Bubbatealicious are located at University of Santo Tomas' carpark.
 Watch the video here: