Thursday, March 17, 2011

░ Makeup Storage: NEW! Lipstick Holders ░

My search for the perfect lipstick storage boxes have finally ended! You wouldn't believe how multi-purpose office supplies can be. So, last Sunday I decided to stroll around the mall by myself. I was plannin' on shopping for a few things and I actually filmed a haul video about it. These boxes are part of that haul video but I uploaded the video about this first since a lot of people are already asking what the box is, where it can be found, the price, and all that jazz... Now let's start answering some questions, shall we?
INDEX CARD HOLDERS AS LIPSTICK HOLDERS? PREPOSTEROUS!--well, not really! It actually makes a LOT of sense. These index card holders are from Office Warehouse, SM City Manila, Lower Ground Floor. I bought them for PHP 87.00 each
Why I love these boxes:
Mainly because of the reason that this is actually something that would protect the lippies from dirt & dust! Normal lipstick racks would just, you know, accumulate dirt while these boxes have a protective cover which totally isolates the lippies from environmental dirt.

I hope you found this helpful! 
Watch the video here:


  1. i really love your make up in here. what's the blush you're wearing? it looks beautiful =)

  2. that's really neat! the size is perfect.. just enough that you can pile them standing up ;-)

  3. Love office organizers for make up. Hides everything and looks neater than any plastic containers. That's a perfect fit for your lipsticks too. So tempted to look for something similar but the more space I make for make up the more I will end up buying XD

  4. ay super nice!will check if they have this at national bookstore.thanks for the post say!

  5. Hi Anna! I'm wearing The Body Shop's Roseflower Blush in 02. :) Thank you!
    Hi Cherrey! I know! I'm inlove with these! :)
    Hi Fannie! I know! Plastic containers tend to look....blah! Hahaha I hope you get one for yourself! Hahah just control yourself! :))
    Hi Amanderrific! Sure! Go to Office Warehouse, as well.

  6. Great idea! I'll watch the video soon. Thanks Say! :)

  7. Wow! Awesome. I should get one for myself too. The size is perfect! :) Thanks for this! You have so much lipsticks! Do you ever finish a stick? Any storage tips? Do you just store them in room temp? I heard about keeping them in the fridge to make them last longer!

  8. Hi Elaine! I'm glad you think so! I don't have a lot of lippies though haha. And no, I have never finished a lippy before. But one of my Maybelline ones are about to. I store them in room temperature. There's this thing called a cosmetic chiller, I think it does the lippies good. :)

  9. Thanks Say! I love lippies too! Especially pink ones! :D