Saturday, March 19, 2011

░ Makeup Haul: Face Masques, Lipstick Storage and A Makeup Bag ░

Last Sunday, I had the most relaxing day by myself. I walked all over the mall looking for potential to-buy products and I ended up with these (see: below) Retail therapy definitely works! By the end of the day I felt happy and no, not guilty of spending money since these things are definitely for keeps and worth buying. 
I went to Healthy Options for one purpose: to get hold of my favorite pastry snack (which was still out of stock) Healthy Options has a lot of interesting products ranging from food to beverage to skin care products, hair care products, vitamins, baby food and the likes. I happened to pass by the skin care section since the lip balms attracted me. As I browsed through the shelves, I saw the Mint Julep Masque. I was, initially, surprised to find it there because I never thought it was available locally. I've heard a lot of good things about this product from makeup gurus all over YouTube. I did not think twice and bought it before leaving Healthy Options. It cost me PHP 329.00. An average, affordable price, in my perspective. The tube contains a bonus 33% inside, so you see how much more extra product you get with the price. 
I am going to do a separate in-depth review on this product but I just wanted to give a little information on what this masque does.
"Helps dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads & shrink enlarges pores."
If you have the problems indicated above, this product is definitely for you. 
Product name: 
Queen Helene The Original Mint Julep Masque
PHP 329.00
Healthy Options
My hunt for the perfect lipstick rack/holder is definitely not a secret. I've been tweeting a lot on how I could find lipstick racks that don't cost TOO much. I've searched through the net but to no avail. I browsed through the furniture section of the mall and considered buying this super heavy circular tray (which was a flower holder or something) but ended up not buying it because of its weight. There were also these square glass holders which looked perfect for lipstick storage but the downside is the material it is made of. I was about to give up and just opted to buy earphones instead since I needed them, too. I went inside Office Warehouse. Whoever thought that office supplies are only for the office? It took just one single look and I headed to the cashier right away. These index card holders are definitely the ones! I imagined my lippies inside and it actually made a lot of sense. A box cost me PHP 87.00 each. Not too expensive, but others may still think it is. I have received a lot of suggestions regarding visiting Daiso or Saizen but unfortunately, I do not have the time to drop by the nearest branch. I still think of convenience you know! SM Manila is 5 minutes away from my place. Nevertheless, I'm still going to pay those Japanese stores a visit soon. I bought two index card holders since I am aware that my lipstick collection has exceeded 20. I didn't think they'd all fit in just one box.
Index Card Holder
PHP 87.00 each
Office Warehouse
The last thing I bought for that day was a new makeup bag/kit. My Hello Kitty makeup kit has become very disappointing lately. Size is one factor. It's actually the only factor. I took the chance to browse through SM Department store. A teeming pool of great finds! I tried checking out the Kara Nina line, but it felt ridiculous to pay 300 bucks for just a makeup bag. I ended up buying this pink, roomy bag which actually made me very contented and happy. The insides are protected with a layer of plastic covering--which makes it so much more easier to clean compared to cloth bags. This is a definite plus especially when boo-boos happen! Foundation/powder spillage, leaks...etc. The size of this bag suits me. I have never been the girl who carries the SMALLEST PURSES. I can't leave home with a lot of my stuff. I own big bags and inside those big bags are other medium-sized bags! If you're like me, go for this kind of makeup kit! This only cost PHP 140-145.00 down from the original price of PHP 170++. 
Product name: 
Vanity Bag
PHP 140-145.00
SM Department Store
I hope you had fun! This post was supposed to go up before the "NEW! Lipstick Holders" entry+vlog. But since a lot were already asking about them, I decided to post them up first. Check the links and embedded videos down below to find out more about the lipstick holders. As for the Mint Julep Masque, an in-depth review is on the way.

✔ Makeup Bag from SM Dept. Store
✔ Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque from Healthy Options
✔ Index Card holders from Office Warehouse

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  1. OMG! You found the Mint Julep Masque. It just so happens that I went to Healthy options (SM City Cebu) yesterday and I just bought the alba lip balm. I'm definitely going back there. I'll look for that. I hope they have it in stock here.

  2. Great buys!! LOVED the video. :)

  3. Love the lipstick and blue shirt on you. Very pretty. I enjoyed watching your video and thoughts on the products.

  4. Thank you Kristie. :) I am so glad you like this!