Thursday, March 25, 2010

░ Update: Hello, Beautiful Brown ░

Had a trip to the salon today! Decided to get a new shade for my hair. First option was Medium Golden Brown. It wasn't available so I had to pick a shade which is darker and that would be the Dark Golden Brown shade. So how about telling you guys about the whole process? Wish I filmed the whole thing...would've been my first on-the-go vlog. Anyhoos... first was shampoo. Then blow drying, then sectioning of the hair, then the application of the color in cream form, then sat for 2 whole hours and waited for the color to really come out great. After the second reapplication of color, waited for another 15 minutes. Then rinsing was next in line. After that was application of hair mask. Smelled soooo wonderful! It was for the hair to regain its natural shine and moisture, I'm pretty sure because the chemicals that were applied on my hair & scalp were really really really strong. I actually felt a burning sensation on my scalp but glad it faded after a while. After that was shampoo again. Then blow drying and then styling, and then done! The price? Well, my hair is like super long--below the waistline to be exact. So, you'd expect a high price for this. 
I super loved the gay who did my hair. He was an absolute darling. I think he was speakin' in Cebuano or something. I couldn't understand. But he was really great! He handled my hair well. They even asked if I had undergone any re-bonding treatments, and I said no. I get that all the time. I think it's because my hair is long and straight. But it's just the way it is. Au naturale.
He was very particular about checking my hair and combing it from time to time. Really great. They call him "Mother" over there... Such a great head stylist. I think he's the manager. 
So that ends my little experience today. Filming tomorrow!!! Excited? I am!
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