Saturday, March 20, 2010

░ Makeup Haul: Pond's, Nichido ░

The # 1 thing on my wishlist at the moment. Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. Just imagine the ideas I could get from this book! I'll be getting this for myself soon! It costs P1,235.00 in the Philippines. Available at NBS branches everywhere. My makeup-books love affair doesn't end there. I still have other makeup books to buy! And the best part? All of 'em are available in the country!

This is one of my latest finds. By latest I mean about 6 hours ago. Right after school I went to the mall and gave Watsons a visit. They were on a sale. Actually the whole mall was on sale. So I bought makeup, as usual. But I'll yak about that later one. This is St. Ives Elements Olive Cleanser and Scrub. So I grabbed an Olive Cleanser and placed it in my Watsons basket. Price wasn't available so I asked the saleslady to get it for more. She came back in about 10 minutes and told me, "Ma'am hindi pa po namin alam yung price. Kasi bago lang po." ("Ma'am, we still don't know the price 'cause it's new.") I asked her then if I could still buy it now. She said no. Oh okay. You go display all of the bottles of Olive Cleanser and NOT let people buy them. Great. Just great. I'm definitely going back for those babies. I can't wait to try 'em out. I love St. Ives!

The latest addition to my skin care products. Pond's Flawless White Visible Lightening Day Cream. Okay, I do not want to become whiter. I don't believe in whitening products, besides, I am okay with my complexion. I don't see it as a problem whatsoever. I bought this day cream to lighten blemishes/scars on my face. The VAO-B3 Complex in this cream fades away dark spots and blemishes & this cream protects the skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays. I kinda go gaga over products which give protection against the sun because the sun nowadays is really harsh. Too harsh, even. And I don't want to risk being burnt under it, or worse, develop skin cancer. We can never be too sure. I want to question one thing about this, though. The fact that from P385, its price dropped down to P199. I am really wondering why. Regarding its packaging, I really love it. Comes in a pretty silver and pink box.  An info note inside, and then the pretty container which is shaped beautifully.  I'm going to try this product for 1 week and I'll give you a good review about it. Whether it works or not, bad sides, good sides, and a lot more.

Finally a lip pencil. Nichido Lip Pencil in LP04 Rosette. A light rosy shade which would be perfect for finishing any matte look. This costs P100.00. I'm going to try it out soon and I'll give y'all a great review on it.

Another shade of eyepencil for my makeup collection. Nichido Extra Waterproof Eye Pencil in Dark Brown. This would be a perfect shade for my brows. I'll publish a review once I try it out. For only P60.00.
I want one of this!!! 
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  1. ate pnu m pinapahaba ung nichido eye pencil mo
    tnx :)

  2. Just sharpen it with an eyepencil sharpener. You can actually do it. The body of the pencil is not made of wood.