Monday, March 15, 2010

░ Makeup Haul: Nichido, Ever Bilena, St. Ives ░

Hello, everyone! I'm here to share to you the products which I bought last week (I bought all of these from three separate shopping days) and I'm going to give you a review about them.
*I bought all these from Watsons. That place is my haven. It is by far, my favorite shopping place.
I'm going to start with Nichido products since majority of the new products in my makeup nook came from this company.
Nichido Final Powder in So Natural
This is a final powder which gives a "flawless" finish and it sets foundation in good. I like this product, but nothing can ever take Maybelline's Clear Smooth Extra Powder Foundation's place in my heart. I've never used loose powder before, and I think Nichido's Final Powder would be perfect for light touch-ups. This costs P150.
Nichido Bronzing Powder in Go Bronze
I don't understand why this product has to have bajillions of glitters in it. That is my pet peeve about this product. Bronzing powder should make you look bronze, tan, & yeah, shimmer a BIT. But this product makes you look SHIMMERY all over. I don't even get why it's called a "bronzing" powder. I think they should've just called it "Shimmer" powder. This costs P150.
Nichido Professional Kabuki Brush
I am in love with this. I've been looking for a kabuki brush ever since I've joined in this crazy makeup world and now I've got one! It costs P238.00, not that expensive and really worth the money. Its brush is really soft and smooth. It spreads loose powder out evenly and perfectly. I recommend everyone to buy this product.
Nichido Color Intense Eye Pencil in 06 Deep Plum
Another of of Nichido's effortlessly beautiful eye pencils. I haven't tried this one yet, so I'll just edit this statement once I get to. But I'm pretty sure it'll be great.
Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Mauvey & Pink Flame
I bought this product mainly because I wanted to try it out and a fellow makeup guru of mine, Ate Noe, encouraged me to buy Ever Bilena products. I don't regret buying these matte lipsticks. The Mauvey shade was the first one that I bought, and I wanted another shade, so I bought Pink Flame. I'll be buying the other shades, soon and I'll let you know how they are. They cost P125.00 each.
St. Ives Timeless Skin Mineral Clay Firming Mask 
This is the best mask I've ever used. I am a user of St. Ives since time immemorial, and now they've changed the look of their products and came up with more! This product is great because I guarantee you that it'll tighten and firm your face. I honestly saw positive changes on my face after 1 use. Clearer, more radiant skintone and less breakouts. It deeply cleanses while tightening and firming. I highly recommend you to buy this. It costs about P190++ I'm just not really sure.
My makeup nook is really overpopulated! I don't know if that's the right term, but they're all crowded already. Time to buy a bigger home for them. And Ace Hardware's got all the sizes! Check it out.
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*NOTE: Some products in this entry have already been posted and reviewed before.
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  1. where do you bought the kabuki brush?thank you!

  2. I bought it from Nichido's makeup counter. :) Available at any department stores. Oh, and Watsons stores. :)

  3. Yah! I bought the Nichido Go Bronze ! It sucks ! Really !