Tuesday, March 23, 2010

░ Makeup Haul: Tripod+Acrylic Nails+Hello Kitty Wipes ░

So I finally bought myself a tripod. Finally. I can now forget having the trouble of handling my Cybershot whenever I film! Thank goodness for tripods. I bought a KT-3110A tripod from a company named Ketai. Anyhoos, I bought this right after school. I immediately went to the mall and went in the nearest gadget shop and asked for a tripod. I was tapping my fingers all the time because I was in a hurry. So the salesman tried it out on my Cybershot W130 and it was definitely perfect-o. I paid P395.00 for it, less 15% so it was marked down to P380.00. Good price for such a good tripod. My dogs sniffed it all the way! They were actually curious. I showed this tripod to my boyfriend Paulo and he kept pointing out faults. Haha, he's just like that--he's very particular about the durability of things... Anyway, he approved about it in the end. 

I bought acrylic nails! They come in sets, of course. WISH French Nail Set. I bought this from Watsons. My favoritttte store ever. Paulo asked me to buy something for him, and I just couldn't help but check out the makeup stands and more! But I swear I resisted myself from buying makeup and cleansers since I'm still in the middle of trying out the stuff which I bought last week... So this nail set cost P99.00. Perfect for people on the go. I decided to make a tutorial out of this. And it's actually already uploading in YouTube so watch out for it! The set contains a nail file, 24 acrylic nails, glue, & a wooden stick (for putting the nails in place). I bought the pink acrylic nails with a french tip style. I definitely love them. Only pet peeve it that they're too long. So you really have to clip and file. 
NOTE: NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WHO'S INTO SPORTS. They will break. And we all know that. These nails are just for fancy parties and dates and stuff...

Last but not the least, also from Watsons,  Hello Kitty Wet Tissues! I was passing by the tissues section and I couldn't help but notice this beautiful red thing. I have an addiction to red stuff. And pink, too. So I just couldn't help but put this in my basket and paid for it in the end. It only cost P25.00. Inexpensive! "An Apple A Day..." Hahaha. This is LOVE.

That's all for now. 
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