Monday, March 22, 2010

░ Update: Holly Ann-Aeree ░

Eeeeeeeeek! She is so nice! She actually replied to my wall post for her! I love her! So I found out about her through Ate Noe's post. She posted Holly's link and I decided to check her out! And she is amazing... It may actually take more than a day for me to finally finish watching all of her videos but I don't really mind. I was really surprised because unlike other gurus, she actually replies to her fans! One great thing that I love about her. Next thing is that she's Asian! Korean to be exact, and she looks soooo pretty! I love her flawless skin. And her tutorials are really great. I've watch about 4 of her videos this afternoon and I intend to watch more of them tomorrow--especially when summer kicks in! 
To Holly Ann-Aeree: You are definitely a beautiful person inside out! Keep on uploading videos Holly! And consider me a fan of yours!