Sunday, December 19, 2010

░ Makeup Haul: Elianto & Revlon ░

December 18, (Saturday) was so far one of the most tiring days I ever had. 
I'm just going to slip in a little "What Happened Today" segment in this entry. 
Everything that happened before this (see: photo below) was taken.
At The French Baker having my German Sausage with Potato Salad
 I woke up to find a very unkempt house (considering we are raising nine growing puppies, four large-sized dogs, and two small dogs.) They make life easier in terms of being cute and cuddly all the time, but not in terms of keeping a clean house! We live in a 3 bedroom apartment, and the dogs have outnumbered us! By the way, the puppies are going to be sold once they're strong enough. If anyone is interested please let me know. Email me at or simply leave a comment here.

So you see, I had to clean. Something inside me was screaming I had to clean the house and make it spotless clean! I know I've told you a couple of times how obsessive-compulsive I am when it comes to cleaning things and areas! I couldn't stand missing a spot and end up cleaning the place all over again starting from the littlest corner. So there I was, sweeping, mopping, wiping, spraying Lysol all over the house. (Life is not all glamorous, you know!) When I was done, I went ahead and gave baths to the six grown-up dogs.

After all the work, I took a refreshing shower. I wanted to be squeaky clean too, you know! It felt incredibly nice to see everything in order. The floor was shining! Lysol made everything smell germ-free! It was an accomplishment!

Again, a part of my being OC--I don't trust other people's way of cleaning. It's either they're too busy to do it so they rush to finish, or they don't want to do it at all. It takes passion to clean places. I believe I have that passion.

For maid services, text me at 0915-MAKEMEYOURMAID. (Just kidding, guys!)

I was gonna go to the mall with my sister and decided to put minimal makeup on, since I wasn't in the mood for anything too heavy.
  •  I applied no amount of foundation on my face. I opted to use powder foundation instead. It felt very lightweight and refreshing. I used my Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Powder Foundation in Sand Beige and my Nichido Kabuki Brush.
  • I did not redefine my brows since my bangs were going to cover them, anyway. 
  • I used my newest SanSan Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black to create a subtle winged look for my eyes. (Bought the Eyeliner Pen for only P80.00, HBC)

  • I swept a little color on my cheeks using The Body Shop's Roseflower Blush
  • For the lips I used my newest Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Bonbon Pink given to me as a present by my blockmate, Francis Mendoza (Thanks, Francis!) The color was absolutely to die for! Lovely, lovely shade.

I went to purchase a few things for Noe, a fellow beauty blogger, since we agreed on sending each other gifts for the holidays. I got her pretty great makeup she could really use. I had it shipped all the way to Cebu and she'll probably receive the package by Tuesday.

My sight was bombarded by SALES and % off's! It was a joy to be in the middle of makeup counters. Here are some of the things I picked out especially for my own personal use:
1. Elianto Vibrant Shadow in 25 Midnight Blue - P50.00 (from 119.00)
2. Elianto Vibrant Shadow in 30 Ivory Black - P50.00 (from 119.00)

3. Revlon Matte Lipstick in "Pink About It" - P380.00 (from 400++)

The Elianto E/S are actually made to be fit into a quad which you can buy for only P109.00. I think I'll be buying that quad soon, and add two more E/S to fill it in with along with these two. I got myself the shade of Midnight Blue and Ivory Black. Perfect Smokey Eye shades, don't you think? Plus a million more looks you can create with them.
The Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink About It got me utterly speechless. I was swatching all the lipsticks on the counter trying to decide which to purchase. My sister was beside me and gave me her opinions about the lippies. She liked Fire and Ice very much, I agreed and told the saleslady I wanted it. She told me it was already out of stock. I had "Pink About It" as my second choice, so I went home happily with Pink About It.
We headed to get bread to take home from The French Baker after shopping. (Raisin Bonnets, Garlic Bread, and Cookies)
Now here's something to share on what my sister and I had for snacks at The French Baker...
Soup on a bread bowl: Chicken and Corn  
Chicken Salad Croissant for my sister.

German Sausage with Potato Salad for myself.

Wanted to try gelato from Cafe Ti Amo but ended up ordering an Ice Blended beverage.
Cafe Ti Amo

"Finest Italian Gelato and Coffee..."
Cafe Ti Amo Mocha Ice Blended Coffee- Poco Short just to try...
My sister!
Hope you enjoyed reading even though this entry is quite long...
Happy Holidays!
Love, Say


  1. close din ba kayo ni lady? o mas close kayo talaga ni iza?

  2. is Elianto like a Philippine brand makeup? is it really good?? I was just curious coz I haven't tried any makeups made in the P.I.... I would love to when I go back home! =)

  3. You're so funny Say ;) I hope I also have that passion you were talking about.

  4. hahaha you made me laugh sa maid services.. sana kasing sipag mo ako.. nice hauls.. :D

  5. weeeh,i think the revlon matte l/s is loveeee!
    will get one too.hihi...

  6. where did you get your blazer? :)

  7. where did you get your blazer?

  8. our dogs also outnmubered us. we have 11 dogs :)
    Is elianto still on sale? i always miss their sales i love their products pa naman :)

  9. Hi! Would like to invite you to join Blogs Ng Pinoy, the online directory of blogs made by Pinoys worldwide :)

  10. 1. Hey Anonymous! Iza and Lady are much closer compared to me and Iza. I'm close to both of them the same amount lang.
    2. Hi Annettee! Elianto actually originated from Malaysia. Go to for more details. Their nail polishes are really great! Their makeup products and skin care products are also good! Give them a try. It's worth it. Their selection of E/S and mascaras and a few more others are worth the money.
    3. Stella! I agree, they tasted yum yum as well! :)
    4. Nadine! I think it's something I was born with. Hahahahh! I can clean your house for you!!! ;)
    5. Hey Donna! Hahaha! Thank you so much!
    6. Amanderiffic! Go get yours! Gosh, you will NOT regret buying one. :)
    7. Anonymous, I borrowed it from my sister, Iza. She bought it from SM Department Store. My sister is a fashionista! She owns the most up-to-date wardrobe ever!
    8. Hey Paola! Didn't meet you sa Paskuhan ah! You didn't email me your #! I didn't stay for too long din naman during the event. Anyway, they ARE still on sale. Go raid their counter! Oh and yey! Dog lover ka din pala! Hooray for us!
    9. BNP! Thanks for the invitation! I definitely will!

  11. sorry i forgot say! i was too excited for the event kasi. I will raid there counters soon! hehe. request pala say, tips on how you raise your dogs and how to keep the house clean. salamats. more power! :)

  12. ano yung mga puppies for sale nyo? and how much of your allowance is your budget for make up? you're a student right? how do you manage to buy all your make up?


  13. Thanks for the suggestion Paola. :)
    Lala, hello there! They're mongrels. Are you interested? If you are, you can email me and I'll send the official ad link. :) Oh, regarding the makeup, I buy everything with my own money. I AM a student. I just save up to buy them all. :)

  14. i also bought the elianto e/s for 50 bucks each:)) they're on sale til tomorrow you should buy more! i bought four and also the palette;) i posted some pictures on my blog if you want to see.

    hmm puppies! i love puppies:)

  15. Yes, Joice! Great sale talaga. :) I'll surely check your entry. :)

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