Monday, January 24, 2011

░ Lindsay Loves: Non-foldable Handbag Hook ░

Q: What are "Lindsay Loves" posts?
Just for the information of everyone, my real name is Lindsay. Starting today, I'll be posting random "Lindsay Loves" posts which will basically feature the things I have recently found out about and am currently loving to bits! I just felt it would be proper to share them to you so as to be of help to those who might want the same things as well. 
I've been a religious reader of Cecile Van Straten's blog from the moment I laid eyes on it. I found out about Clipa because of her. (Read about Cecile's post in here.) I was browsing through the new stuff displayed at Wellmanson's (located at Villalobos Street Quiapo, Manila where a lot of cheap and great finds can be found) and to my surprise, there was a stand of handbag hooks very much similar to the Clipas. If you check the site of Clipa, you'd notice how sleek it looks and how it can be pulled off as a bangle and such. This handbag hook however, doesn't do that. It doesn't even look like a bangle! Nevertheless, it functions as well. All I really need is something to keep my bag off the dirty floor
Here are instances:

  • You are so maarte but you just can't pull another chair just for your bag in the classroom primarily because no one can do that unless the seat next to yours is vacant, and you end up putting your bag on the floor instead. 
  • You're in the rest room. You look around, and being the neat freak and maarte person that you are, you find everything dirty. Now you have this huge bag with you, and you really have to go. Where do you place your huge bag? Lucky for you, if the cubicle has a hook for bags, but if it doesn't? Two choices, the floor--or carry it while you do your thing.

Can you relate? If yes, the handbag hook is the answer to all your needs. 
After seeing the hooks two days ago, I knew I had to get them. So this afternoon, after being a maid and cleaning the house (which is, by the way, getting too tiring for me already--probably because I was housekeeping on an empty stomach), I went to Wellmansons to purchase the handbag hooks (along with a Marge Simpson Sleeping Eye Mask, Eiffel Tower earrings, and a neat-looking ring). 
I mainly want to share the greatness of this Handbag Hook. You can use this hook in numerous ways! In restrooms, in church, in classrooms, restaurants, cafes, gyms, etc... The possibilities are endless! I am definitely enjoying mine. I picked the butterfly-shaped ones since they are the most sophisticated looking among the selection.
Non-foldable Handbag Hook
"I don't want my bag to get ruined."
Price: PHP48.00
Location: Wellmansons (Villalobos Street Quiapo, Manila)
Photos posted below show how it works.

Hope you found my first Lindsay Loves post interesting!


  1. Wow! I hope I am living near Quiapo so that I can have one of those. Tsk. Nice post!♥ :/

  2. Hi Apol! Maybe you can drop by sometime! :) It's really a place to visit! :D I may also include one handbag hook in my giveaway. :)

  3. Hi Lindsay! OMG I love these handbag hooks. I even collect them. Where can I get this one?
    My last Handbag hook purchase was a vintage one made for the Queen Coronation!
    I think the foldable handbag hooks on are really cool too. They wrap up nicely. check out this Banksy one:

    Keep on the good work I love your blog!

  4. OMG! only 48 pesos?!what a steal! I should get one of those when I'm around the area. My bag always gets wet when I'm in the wash room :)

  5. I have something like this too! <3

  6. wow hope may mkita akng ganyang thing here in davao

  7. nice post! :)) i saw one of these in Japan Home Center too, if that helps.. :)))

  8. Hi Anonymous, I listed the location of the store right up there. :) I really want those round ones like the Clipa! :) Thanks for the link! And thank you for reading my blog!
    Hi Paola! Yes 48 only! Oh no, I hate getting anything wet in the washroom! You should get one!
    Hi Monique! It is the best, isn't it? :)
    Hi Mimi! I'm sure it's available somewhere there! I might be able to give away 2 or 3 hooks soon!
    Hi Lora, thank you for telling us!!! :)

  9. They have cute foldable ones that make it really compact! I saw one in Forever21 at Megamall. Cuteness! :D

  10. A friend gave me a handbag hook and i love it because you can also change a the clip on design in the hook...

  11. Love that there is already a forever 21 here in manila... Hopefully they can get H&M next, it will be a big treat to all fashionista's out there... No need to go to SG or HK just to shop for something cool and not expensive.

  12. Hi Mich! Thanks for telling me! :)
    Hi Bag Studios! I agree with you! :)
    Hi Idol Replicas! Oh yeaaah I totally agree with that!