Sunday, January 30, 2011

░ Tag Video: Desk Tour ░

Since I share this room with my sisters and my mom, I cannot do a room tour video, so I figured, why not share my little corner in this room? So in this vlog you'll see me point out the stuff on my table. This table actually belongs to my mom. We share it. I do most of my work on this desk. Many projects and papers have been accomplished on this table! If it looks vintage to you, well you are not mistaken. This table has been existing since the 1970's. So basically, I have my cork board, where I pin all food menus, makeup brochures and photos. You will see a photo of my mom and dad, and another photo of Paulo who looked really young! That was his "creative" shot for graduation. I keep my skincare products and shaving products on top of my table--but of course, as you would see in the video, I keep them aligned in this weird way. I don't know. I'd spend 10 minutes just to make them look "ALIGNED VERY WELL" and won't stop until I get it right. I also place my traincase on top. Pencil cases, my temporary makeup brush box, my lipstick box, the mirror stand which you wouldn't see in the video since I placed it on the bed earlier... I keep everything on top, even my toothbrush and my toothpaste! Weird, huh? I love this little space of mine. 


  1. I get OC about my room too! I won't sleep until it's all properly fixed! :)

  2. Hahaha! Michelle we really have lots in common!