Sunday, January 30, 2011

░ Tag Video: This or That (Beauty Related) ░

❤ Tag video from: Elle Fowler

►Blush or bronzer
Blush, since I'm not really into bronzers. I'd be more than happy to have flushed cheeks rather than contoured cheeks.

►Lip gloss or lipstick

Lipstick, since a lot of lipsticks nowadays already has those glossy finish. So it's like 2 in 1! Besides, I'm not a huge fan of lip gloss.

►Eye liner or mascara

Eyeliner. Because it really really makes a HUGE difference in the appearance of the eyes. I can do without mascara. All I really need is a lash curler which will curl up my lashes really well, and I'm all set.

►Foundation or concealer

Concealer. I've been using concealer more often now over foundation. Concealer is light, and gives that right coverage. Something you'd wanna go for for everyday use. Just top it off with powder foundation, and voila.

►Neutral or color eye shadow

I'd go for color E/S since I'm not really crazy about neutrals. They look bland for me. My personality doesn't fit neutrals very well. I'm all about purple!

►Pressed or loose eye shadows

Definitely pressed. Loose ones just go all over the place.

►Brushes or sponges

Brushes. I'm not totally comfortable with using sponges, even sponge-tip applicators when applying makeup. It's become a habit of mine to use brushes. So that's it.


  1. I also hate using sponges. It's very succeptible to bacteria. :-/

  2. You got that right! And it seems like they should ALL be disposable. I hate re-using sponges. It's like applying all the grime, oil and dirt back on!